Are you hungry for high speed broadband? Are you a fan of online streaming video? Are you an online gaming addict? Relax. Your search for a superior high speed broadband ends right here. Presenting Wi5 BoC (Broadband on Cable). A fast emerging broadband technology that enables you to enjoy extraordinary internet speed at amazingly affordable cost.

Imagine the joy of watching HD quality streaming videos, without the pain of repeated buffering. Imagine the thrills of playing online games with multiple players in real time. A high grade Ethernet overhead cable ensures super fast broadband to your home. Connect to Wi5 BoC and discover broadband like you never experienced before.

Internet Connectivity is an inevitable requirement in this Fast Paced Technology era. At Wi5, our prime objective is to cater to unique connectivity needs of every customer. Be it latest technology, speed, flexibility or reach - we offer user friendly solutions that is affordable too.

We understand that wide presence doesn't make sense if we don't reach where you are. Our mission is to enable you move at your own speed, get what you want, where you want. If you are looking for an affordable broadband connectivity, look no further than Wi5. We'll help you expand your world.

FAST:  You can perform functions  - like shopping, finding information, buying tickets almost instantaneously.

CONVENIENT: You don't need to be mobile.  You can shop and get services while recuperating or babysitting or find hard to locate items at outlets on the other side of the country or the world.

SAFE:  Personal and sensitive information is usually protected, so it cannot be accessed by others.

EASY: What you need is often only a few keystrokes or clicks away.

COST EFFECTIVE: The Internet saves your money on gas.  You can shop and perform tasks from home.  It also allows you to compare prices and purchase items from vendors and retailers who might be thousand of miles away.  Often vendors extend discounts for purchasing items online.  There are many Internet sites that offer online coupons which help you save even more.



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