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Wi5 Broadband is the most affordable high speed broadband service you can find. No more complicated calculations. Now you can enjoy unlimited internet usage with absolutely no hidden cost. Also a wireless connection up to your home makes the installation quick and hassle free. A Wi5 CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) receives the wireless signal from your rooftop and leads to a safe and reliable wired connection to your PC or laptop.

Are you hungry for high speed broadband? Are you a fan of online streaming video? Are you an online gaming addict? Relax. Your search for a superior high speed broadband ends right here. Presenting Wi5 BoC (Broadband on Cable). A fast emerging broadband technology that enables you to enjoy extraordinary internet speed at amazingly affordable cost.

Imagine the joy of watching HD quality streaming videos, without the pain of repeated buffering. Imagine the thrills of playing online games with multiple players in real time. A high grade ethernet overhead cable ensures superfast broadband to your home. Connect to Wi5 BoC and discover broadband like you never experienced before.


Wi5 presents the next revolution in Internet technology. Broadband on Fibre with Fibre to the Home (FTTH) technology that brings you upto 10 Mbps of unhindered speed. Now download files, play games, watch movies online, video chat with friends; all at incredible speeds only with Broadband on Fibre from Wi5.



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